In 2005, the company relocated to new, privately-owned facilities in the region of Veria (2,800 m2), where it observes all European quality assurance standards (ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008), with absolute adherence to the high specifications and goals set. At the same time, the company’s workforce, which currently numbers 71 individuals, is constantly and continuously trained in food hygiene. Working with the scientific staff and our external associates, they ensure the high quality of our products and the safety of the manufacturing process of sandwiches, croissants, sweets, Thessaloniki koulouri (sesame buns) and other baked goods. The company’s on-going goal of the company is the further development of its products, focusing on innovation and consumer needs.


1st klm Veria - Ammou PO BOX 140, Veria, 59100, Greece